How to build a beautiful (less stressed) brain: Everything a beginner meditator needs to know

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beautiful calm brain
We live in a world where we are bombarded with perfect photoshopped images via social media and advertising.
These images can mess with our minds, resulting in stress, unrealistic expectations and a fear of trying new things (“What if I stuff up?”).
But there’s a simple technique you can practise to help […]

My digital diet: How I created more time and regained control of my brain

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My digital diet
The average person spends 16 minutes on Facebook every time they login.
The Yellow Social Media Report 2018 states:
Multiplying average time spent by average usage occasions indicates that the typical user is spending almost 10 hours a week on Facebook.
10 hours a week!
Do that for an entire year? That’s 520 hours (nearly 22 days) of your life.
Now stop and ask yourself this question:
Is this time well spent?
Probably not.
As a new years resolution, I decided that […]