Study Hacks In-House Program

Study Hacks Teachers Toolkit

The Study Hacks Teachers’ Toolkit

An in-house study skills program

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  • A series of short interactive lessons (10–20 minutes in length) for teachers to deliver to their students throughout the year to reinforce key ideas and study strategies.
  • Teachers are provided with 46 scripts that can be adapted or used verbatim.
  • Handout sheets and slides also make it easy for teachers to implement.
  • Each session is designed to reinforce key ideas and strategies covered in the Study Hacks book.
  • The teachers’ toolkit enables everyone to speak the same language around study skills.

Modules covered in the Study Hacks program include:

Brain Hacks

11 sessions: Topics covered include: cultivating a growth mindset, good sleep hygiene, managing stress, mindfulness, and the importance of physical movement for boosting brain power.

Organisation Hacks

8 sessions: Topics covered include: using your diary and school timetable effectively, how to organise your papers, managing electronic documents, and creating an effective study space.

Productivity Hacks

5 sessions: Topics covered include: goal setting, how to stop procrastinating and motivate yourself at anytime, overcoming perfectionism (being a ‘completionist’), and single-tasking.

Technology Hacks

2 lessons: Topics covered include: how to manage technological distractions and how to be search savvy.

Study Hacks

10 sessions: Topics covered include: the power of doodling, visual note-taking, active study strategies, memory techniques, note-taking techniques, making the most of your time in class, and how to study challenging subjects.

Assignment Hacks

8 sessions: Topics covered include: how to start assignments, making an assignment plan, effective reading strategies, writing techniques (getting words on paper), the importance of proofreading, how to reference other people’s work and formatting your work.

Relationship Hacks

2 sessions: Topics covered include: how to get along with your teachers and avoiding toxic relationships at school.

Cost: $1,895AUD plus GST

Bonus Extras Included:

  • Class set of Study Hacks books (25 books): Valued at $498
  • Diagnostic survey analysis for one year group to identify specific areas to target: Valued at $300
Study Hacks Book

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Not sure if The Study Hacks In-house Program is for your school?

You can purchase a sample of three study skills sessions to trial as a short course.

The sample sessions include:

  1. How to be a ‘completionist’ (not a perfectionist)
  2. How to mind map
  3. How to know the difference between homework and study

Bonus Extras Included:

  • Copy of Study Hacks book: Valued at $19.95
  • ‘How to mind map’ mind map and explanation sheet: Valued at $19.95

Cost: $49

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