Online Sessions

Dr Jane offers engaging live-streamed sessions for secondary schools!

My goal is to deliver interactive and engaging sessions that draw on the latest cutting-edge research.

I’m passionate about teaching and finding creative ways to communicate ideas, effective strategies and research to others.

I use the best technology* to keep my online sessions as fresh, interactive, and engaging as possible. I have a professional studio space that allows me to deliver online sessions with ease to secondary schools around Australia.

I can use Zoom, Teams, and Webex.

*I use special software called OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), a stream deck, green screen, multiple monitors, and lights. This set up allows me to create a more connected, streamlined, and visually engaging experience for secondary students.

How the sessions works

Students can either remain in their classrooms or sit in a lecture theatre where I am projected up onto a screen. 

Multiple classrooms can join the session at a time (maximum of 10 classrooms, 300 students in total). Students can also attend remotely from home if they are unable to attend school.

Note: Due to the interactive nature of the session, it’s best if students watch the presentation on a large screen rather than on their personal laptops.

What you need to have for the session to work:

It works best if your students are seated facing a screen (i.e., theatre style seating). Having students seated around tables is not recommended.

Here’s all you’ll need to run a session:

You will be provided with a meeting link and simple instructions on how to get set up for the session! A free tech trial is also available before the day.

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