Online Sessions

Dr Jane is offering live online sessions for secondary schools!

My goal is to deliver interactive and engaging sessions that draw on the latest cutting-edge research.

I’m passionate about teaching and finding creative ways to communicate ideas, effective strategies and research to others.

I use the best technology* to keep my online sessions as fresh, interactive, and engaging as possible. I have a professional studio space that allows me to deliver online sessions with ease to secondary schools around Australia.

I can use Zoom, Teams, and Webex.

*I use special software called OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), a stream deck, green screen, multiple monitors, and lights. This set up allows me to create a more connected, streamlined, and visually engaging experience for secondary students.

How the sessions works

Students can either remain in their classrooms or sit in a lecture theatre where I am projected up onto a screen. 

Multiple classrooms can join the session at a time (maximum of 10 classrooms, 300 students in total). Students can also attend remotely from home if they are unable to attend school.

Note: Due to the interactive nature of the session, it’s best if students watch the presentation on a large screen rather than on their personal laptops.

What you need to have for the session to work:

It works best if your students are seated facing a screen (i.e., theatre style seating). Having students seated around tables is not recommended.

Here’s all you’ll need to run a session:

You will be provided with a meeting link and simple instructions on how to get set up for the session! A free tech trial is also available before the day.

What others are saying about these sessions . . .

"Another fantastic session. The way you deliver, the pace and amount of content is just perfect. Thank you 😊"

"Wow! As I’m sure you can imagine, I’ve seen my fair share of online meetings over the past couple of years. Today’s meeting with the year 10’s was by far the best I have hosted here. The seamless manner of your screen changes, the way you interact with the girls and still get their input and finally incorporating simple sound effects to re-capure their attention after a discussion time was brilliant."

"Thank you so much, the kids did truly enjoy it. I like that you kept the pace going and ignored distractions, you pulled them back on task so easily, not always an easy thing to do. I have spoken to quite a few of the kids and they had a lot of positive things to say. So once again, thank you for your presentation, definitely a positive for our students."

"Thanks for the presentation. I like how it was inclusive for all our students (as ATAR numbers aren't what they once were). The online presentation exceeded expectation (I should have never doubted you!)."

"Our students were even more engaged by Dr Genovese's online sessions, if that's possible. This cohort of students find it natural to 'view' and were less inhibited by the live streamed session than having a person in front of them. It was like their own interactive YouTube video that answered them! They were calling out and playing the warm-up games with gusto.

From my perspective, the technology was simple to engage with and the quality excellent. It was efficient, fuss-free and, as usual, hit the brief we gave Jane. I am newly converted to online live-streamed sessions!"

"Jane’s online sessions are as engaging, interactive and relevant as her face to face presentations. Students need independent study skills now more than ever, and the online sessions have provided ongoing opportunities for students to maintain and develop their use of the Study Hacks strategies."

"That was great! You made it very interactive.”

"Thanks so much Jane! My son was in the group today. He came home and used your technique for his Economics notes and is really chuffed with himself. Thank you!"