The Power of Doing Practice Exams: How to Do Them and Where to Find Them

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Power of doing practise exams
Many students spend all their time leading up to exams creating beautiful sets of notes.
In their minds:
Beautiful notes = effective exam preparation
But is this the most effective approach to take?
In her book An Insider’s Guide to BA [Bachelor of Arts] Rebecca Jury states:
“Would you sit your […]

Study Skills Upgrade: How to Optimise Five Popular Study Strategies

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Study skills upgrade
When you study for tests and exams, do you . . .
• Highlight or underline your books?
• Test yourself with flash cards?
• Create notes?
• Make an outline of the key topics?
• Reread your books and/or notes?
These are all popular study strategies and exam revision techniques. But how effective are they? And […]