Teacher-Led Sessions

Teacher-Led Sessions

Dr Jane has developed teacher-led sessions on a range of topics.

Exam hacks (teacher-led session)

Exam Hacks: Learning How to Prepare for Tests and Exams

Are your students taking exams for the first time?

In this session, students will learn how to avoid the trap of stressful last minute cramming and stay calm under pressure.

Topics include:

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Exam Hacks Advanced

Exam Hacks (Advanced): Boost Your Performance

 It’s time to take your students’ exam performance to the next level.

In this session, students will learn how they can effectively prepare for their upcoming exams. These skills can be applied to all areas of life (not just exams!).

Topics include:

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Memory Kick-Start: Supercharge Your Study

Say goodbye to boring and ineffective ways of studying (e.g., rereading your books and notes and highlighting large chunks of information). With these evidence-based study strategies and memory techniques your students will be able to save time and have more fun when learning.

In this session, Dr Jane shares with students how they can memorise information in a way that is fun, fast, and effective!

Topics include:

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The power of sleep (teacher-led session)

The Power of Sleep: The Ultimate Performance Enhancer

Are your students always tired? Research shows 7 out of 10 Australian teenagers are seriously sleep deprived.

In this session, students will learn how they can get more and better sleep to supercharge their focus, learning, and memory.

Topics include:

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Success habits (teacher-led session)

Success Habits: Small Changes that Lead to Big Results

In this session, students will learn how to create solid study habits in a way that feels fun and easy! They will also learn how to set up their study space to support their habits and achieve their goals.

Topics include:

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Getting organised (teacher-led session)

Getting Organised: From Chaos to Control

Do your students need help getting organised? Do they get easily distracted?

In this session, students will learn how they can organise their study space and digital space to optimise learning.

Topics include:

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The Power of Goals and Habits: Harnessing the Power of Effective Strategies

Do your students struggle to set goals and achieve them? In this session, students will learn how they can set their own path and create their own luck through using effective strategies.

Students will walk out of the session with an understanding of the importance of setting goals and how they can create habits and systems to achieve the things that are important to them.

Topics include:

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How do these sessions work?

Teachers are provided with a script which they can follow and/or adapt to introduce short videos and facilitate break-out activities.

How long do the sessions run for?

Sessions run for approximately 45 minutes. This allows teachers to complete housekeeping and problem-solve potential issues within a 60 minute period.

If students are unable to attend the session, you can provide them with access to the pre-recorded videos. This way no one misses out.

What’s included?

Other Teacher-Led Programs for Secondary Schools

If your school has the time to run more than one session with students, you may wish to consider implementing one of the programs below (Procrastination Buster, Creating Momentum, or Study Hacks for senior school students). These are longer teacher-led programs Dr Jane has developed for schools. These programs allow students to explore ideas and strategies in more depth. Students also have the opportunity to experiment with a range of strategies.

Procrastination Buster Program:
Managing and overcoming procrastination

Do your students leave doing their work until the very last minute? In this teacher-led program, Dr Jane Genovese shares with students how they can overcome and manage procrastination to achieve their goals. Students will learn how to better handle negative emotions that can drive them to procrastinate.

There are four teacher-led sessions included in this program (each session takes 30 minutes to deliver).

There is also an optional follow-up activity to refresh the key ideas and strategies in students’ minds.

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Creating Momentum Program:
Moving from Inaction to Action

The Creating Momentum Program is designed to help students reclaim their focus and move into action to achieve their goals.

This program offers students simple methods and strategies to succeed in their studies, work, and in life. It covers a range of effective evidence-based strategies and tools to help students cultivate better study habits.

There are 10 teacher-led sessions included in this program.

Topics covered include:

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"I love to learn new things, and I always get excited about new projects I want to work on. Still, I lacked structure, and I seldom was able to finish things I started, that made me very unsatisfied. During these 10 weeks with Jane I have learnt about what was blocking me, and about many strategies I can put in place to get things done that are important to me. Jane course was very well structured, and her enthusiasm is contagious."

Study Hacks (Senior School Program)

In this short program (five sessions), students will learn effective ways to get started with their work and study more effectively. In the first session, students are introduced to a range of effective learning strategies. 

The following four sessions are follow-up sessions. They are designed to give students an opportunity to test out the various strategies.

The follow-up sessions are:

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