Lessons from The Marshmallow Test: How to work in a world of instant gratification

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Marshmallow test
You’re not going to like what I’m about to say. Here goes!
They key to doing well at school (and in life) is to become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

The time has come to embrace boredom, anxiety, pain, and confusion.

Resist the urge to escape these uncomfortable mental states. Don’t distract yourself.
If you can sit […]

How to develop super (study) powers with a focus force field: A step-by-step guide for easily distracted students

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Last year I found myself in a rut. Like a student who leaves studying for an exam until the very last minute, I’d been avoiding a major project.
The logical, rational part of my brain kept saying:

“Just break it down. Write one measly sentence … if that’s too much, just write one word! Just […]

70 simple ways to help you minimise distractions and stay focused

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Do you ever sit down with good intentions to study but quickly find yourself derailed by a text message, a random thought or the urge to eat something?
I’ve created a simple eBook to help you stay focused!
It contains 70 simple and effective strategies to help you minimise distractions and focus your mind on what […]