How to develop super (study) powers with a focus force field: A step-by-step guide for easily distracted students

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Last year I found myself in a rut. Like a student who leaves studying for an exam until the very last minute, I’d been avoiding a major project.
The logical, rational part of my brain kept saying:

“Just break it down. Write one measly sentence … if that’s too much, just write one […]

How to boost your brainpower for a test in 5 minutes: The power of chewing gum

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Got an important test coming up? Need a boost in brainpower?
Then consider chewing on gum for 5 minutes before the test.
This is what researchers recommend in a journal article called Cognitive advantages of chewing gum. Now you see them, now you don’t. In this study, researchers from St Lawrence University conducted […]

10 highly effective study strategies to help you ace your tests and exams

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If you want to achieve solid marks at school, you need to be strategic. Ditch your highlighter pens. Stop re-reading your books and notes. These are incredibly boring and passive ways to study. You need new study strategies.
Below are 10 highly effective study strategies that can be applied to any subject area.

1. […]