Presentation: Stress Less

Stress Less is an experiential workshop that teaches students strategies to help them prevent and manage their stress levels.

Students will learn that they are responsible for what they experience in their lives; the emotions they feel, the way they think and behave.

This presentation is best received by students a few weeks before exams. If delivered too close to exams, students tend to be too stressed to absord the ideas.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop students will:

  • have an awareness of what stress is, what causes stress and the negative effects of stress;
  • have acquired a range of techniques to relax their mind and body (deep breathing, goal setting, visualisation, laughter yoga, etc);
  • have an understanding of how their thinking (i.e. irrational beliefs) can cause them to feel stressed and procrastinate;
  • be aware of strategies for effectively decreasing nerves on the day of tests and exams; and
  • be able to change the way they feel.

Student Feedback

“I like the breathing exercise in Stress Less. It helped me relax”
Year 8 Student, Newman College

“The workshop was interactive and easy. I can actually see it will work!”
Student, Santa Maria College

“I liked the way you taught us how to relax so we’re not so stressed about tests. It wasn’t boring”
Year 8 Student, Newman College

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