Want to ace exams and big life projects?
Need to end last minute cramming, reclaim your sleep, and restore your sanity?


In this no-nonsense, practical guide, Dr Jane Genovese will teach you simple methods for success in tests, exams, and big life projects.

You’ll learn how to

• End last minute cramming once and for all
• Hack your motivation to get started on your work
• Create solid habits for study success
• Make your work less overwhelming
• Learn more in less time
• Free yourself from the grade obsession trap
• Redesign your environment to supercharge your focus
• And much, much more!

Ace Tests, Exams and Big Life Projects is 120 pages.


Sample page – Ace Tests, Exams and Big Life Projects


About the Author – Dr Jane Genovese

Jane Genovese received just 5% on her first test at law school. Then she went on to earn degrees in law and psychology, a Vice Chancellor’s Award for Academic Excellence, and a PhD. How is that even possible? The experience of getting only 5% was so painful that it forced Jane to explore more effective ways to study. Dr Jane has been experimenting with different strategies for the past 15 years.

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