Forget the idea of reading your books over and over again or highlighting entire paragraphs of information. Old-fashioned study methods are painful, boring and not very effective. There is a better way. This book will show you how.

In Study Hacks you will learn:

• How to motivate yourself at anytime
• How to eat for maximum brain power
• How to be a ‘completionist’ (not a perfectionist)
• How to stop procrastinating
• How to study smarter, not harder
• How to manage technology and minimise distractions

And much, much more!

Reviews of Study Hacks

“Most books I start and then I can’t finish them. But this book [Study Hacks] was intriguing. The best thing is I continued reading it and I finished it. The only other book I have ever finished was Rogue One [Star Wars]”

– Year 9 student

“Hi my name is Kye and I love you book. I bought it and I decided to read it and I have tabbed it all out and highlighted (not highlightitis) and added notes. It’s been so helpful and I have used them and they have helped me so much. Thanks!”

– Year 11 Student, Carine Senior High School

“I loved the simple, engaging style of this book – with lots of full colour pictures, humorous anecdotes and valuable tips and tricks to increase focus and retention of information. It’s the sort of book suitable for both younger students and adult learners – and I really liked that it discussed a holistic approach to studying, including the importance of good sleep and healthy eating habits. I would recommend Study Hacks to anyone who wants to encourage better study skills within their school community.”

-Kim Veale (Parent, business mentor and trainer)

“I can highly recommend Study Hacks: Your Survival Guide For High School. This easy to read, engaging text doesn’t waffle and condenses research into practical tips to improve study effectiveness. This book utilises current psychological research to give students skills in guiding their own behavioural changes for more efficient and effective study techniques. However, rather than dry research outcomes this book engages high school students at their level and in relation to today’s technology and learning environments. I will definitely be recommending this to clients and family members.”

– Clinical Psychologist

“This book is great and more than a study guide. It is easy to read, with bite size pieces of great, practical advice about how to develop and manage study skills with a healthy student lifestyle. Great for secondary students. I highly recommend it.”

-Parent of two teenagers

“Study Hacks is a handy sized, easy to read guide that covers all the essential survival tips that students need for high school. It is set out in a way that makes it easy for students to both find and understand the information that they need. Each “How to” provides a useful and well explained activity or reflection to enable students to practice and master the skills that they need for success. As a teacher of year 7s through to year 12s I have used it in class and have recommended students and parents put it on their Christmas and back to school wish lists.”

-Teacher, Corpus Christi College

About the Author – Dr Jane Genovese

Jane Genovese received just 5% on her first test at law school. Then she went on to earn degrees in law and psychology, a Vice Chancellor’s Award for Academic Excellence, and a PhD. How is that even possible? The experience of getting only 5% was so painful that it forced Jane to explore more effective ways to study, and she is willing to share them with you.

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  1. Sally Knowles

    I’m so impressed with Study Hacks! It is highly recommended. It is user-friendly, research-informed and an absolute joy to read.
    (Parent of Year 11 student, Educator)

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