Mind Maps

What is a Mind Map?

A mind map is a visual way to organise and learn information.

Mind maps can help you to break down complex information, memorise information, and see the connections between different ideas.

Examples of Mind Maps

We (my mum and I) created the mind maps below to help us understand a range of topics. Please click on each mind map to enlarge.

Wondering what program we use to create these mind maps? We don’t actually use any mind mapping software. Each mind map is drawn by hand and touched up in photoshop.

Would you like to use one of these mindmaps? Or need a higher resolution version? If yes, please read our licence agreement.

small global warming mindmap
Figure 1: Combating Global Warming mindmap
*NOTE: Translated versions of this mindmap

Figure 2: Behaviour Change for Climate Change
*Note: Behaviour Change for Climate Change Guide
Chemistry Mind Map
Figure 3: Chemistry mindmap

Health mindmap
Figure 4: Health mindmap
Human biology map
Figure 5: Human Biology mindmap (Central Nervous System)
Energy audit mindmap
Figure 6: Energy Saving Tips for your School

Figure 7: Science of global warming

Figure 8: Impacts of global warming

Figure 9: Strategies for taking action on climate change

Figure 10: Waking up to climate change

Figure 11: How to connect with nature

Figure 12:Creating effective behaviour change programs

Figure 13: Get Motivated

Figure 15: How to Mind Map

Figure 16: Procrastination Buster

Russian Translation:
Procrastination mind map
Portuguese Translation: Afaste a procrastinacao

Figure 17: Breaking the cycle of cynicism

Figure 18: Population and the planet

plastics mindmap small
Figure 23: Plastic Detox: Deplastify your Life

Croatian Translation: Plasticni Detox
Spanish Translation: Desintoxicacion Plastica

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Free Educational eBook

Global Warming: The Mind mappers Guide to the Science and Solutions

Global warming: The Mind Mapper

The eBook, Global Warming: The Mindmappers Guide to the Science and Solutions, contains 10 chapters that are broken up into the 4 main sections –

  • Why we need change
  • What to change
  • How to change
  • Who has changed
  • It also contains a range of colourful mind maps.

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