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small global warming mindmap
Figure 1: Combating Global Warming mindmap
*NOTE: Translated versions of this mindmap

Figure 2: Behaviour Change for Climate Change
*Note: Behaviour Change for Climate Change Guide

Chemistry Mind Map
Figure 3: Chemistry mindmap

Health mindmap
Figure 4: Health mindmap

Human biology map
Figure 5: Human Biology mindmap (Central Nervous System)

Energy audit mindmap
Figure 6: Energy Saving Tips for your School

Figure 7: Science of global warming

Figure 8: Impacts of global warming

Figure 9: Strategies for taking action on climate change

Figure 10: Waking up to climate change

Figure 11: How to connect with nature

Figure 12:Creating effective behaviour change programs

Figure 13: Get Motivated

Figure 14: Get Ready for Exams

Figure 15: How to Mind Map

Figure 16: Procrastination Buster

Russian Translation:
Procrastination mind map
Portuguese Translation: Afaste a procrastinacao

Figure 17: Breaking the cycle of cynicism

Figure 18: Population and the planet

Figure 19: Population solutions

Figure 20: How to focus in the age of distraction

French Translation: Comment garder le controle malgre les distractions
Portuguese Translation: Como manter o foco em uma era de distracoes
Russian Translation: How to Focus in the Age of Distraction

Figure 21: Get Organised: Creating a workspace that works

Figure 22: Strengthening self control

plastics mindmap small
Figure 23: Plastic Detox: Deplastify your Life

Croatian Translation: Plasticni Detox
Spanish Translation: Desintoxicacion Plastica

Declutter your life-small
Figure 24: Declutter your Life!

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Educational eBooks

Global Warming: The Mind mappers Guide to the Science and Solutions

Global warming: The Mind Mapper

The eBook, Global Warming: The Mindmappers Guide to the Science and Solutions, contains 10 chapters that are broken up into the 4 main sections –

  • Why we need change
  • What to change
  • How to change
  • Who has changed
  • It also contains a range of colourful mind maps.

    To download a copy of this ebook click here. Please be patient while it downloads (it is a 4.5MB due to the mind maps and images).