Study Skills Mind Map Poster Pack

The Study Skills Mind Map Poster Pack is a set of brightly coloured A2 sized mind map posters designed to provide students with a range of practical study strategies.

Each poster contains appealing illustrations aimed to engage visual learners and comes with an explanation sheet to explain the mind map content in detail.

These mind map posters have been specially designed for high school students who are entering their final years of schooling.

The pack includes three posters - Get Motivated, Get Ready for Exams and How to Mind Map.

Get Motivated Poster provides a range of strategies to motivate students to study. Covers strategies such as how to combat overwhelm, boost your energy levels and stop procrastinating.
Get Ready for Exams Poster breaks down the often daunting task of preparing for exams. Students will be left feeling more confident and in control of their studies
How to Mind Map Poster explains how to create effective and exciting visual notes to increase retention and recall of information. Covers topics such as the essential components of mind maps, equipment needed and the importance of using colour and drawing pictures.

What teachers have said about the Study Skills Mind Map Poster Pack:

"The poster packs are an engaging and effective means of simplifying a potentially challenging experience. They can be useful for a range of ages and abilities and will be useful for parents of school age children."
- Ms Carroll, Year 12 Coordinator at Loreto College Ballarat

"I put my posters up in the classroom with bulldog clips on pins so the kids can take them off the wall and put them on their desks when they need to use them, they are fab. Thanks!"
- Teacher, Parkerville, Children & Youth Care Inc

How schools can order a Study Skills Mind Map Poster Pack

1. You can place an online order in our shop. Payment can be made via credit card or electronic bank transfer. Schools can bypass making payment if they require receipt of goods with an invoice first.

3. School can also place an order via email or over the phone by calling Jane Genovese on 0422 460 598.

"I have read numerous books on study skills, and I find your work to be one of the more memorable pieces of work in the area because of its simplicity in communicating ideas through art and mind maps"
- Teacher, Head of Society and Environment

Poster packs are available in both hard copy and high resolution electronic (PDF) formats.

Note: If you wish to include these resources in your school student diary an additional licence fee applies.