Translated Versions of Global Warming Mind map

Below you can find an American version of the global warming mind map as well as a Spanish, German, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, Italian, French, Arabic and Persian version. Many thanks to the dedicated individuals who helped translate this mind map.

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American Version: Combating global warming

German translation: Klimawandel vermindern

Chinese translation: Combating global warming

Spanish translation: Soluciones para el calentamiento global

Portuguese translation: Combatendo o Aquecimento global, Fazendo Algo

Vietnamese translation: Chan dung nong len toan cau

Indonesian translation: Mengatasi pemanasan global

Japanese translation: Combating global warming

Italian translation: Risolvere il problema del riscaldamento globale

French translation: Comment resoudre le rechauffement de la planete


Persian translation: Solving Global Warming

global warming-arabic-small

Arabic translation: Solving Global Warming

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