In this teacher-led program, Dr Jane Genovese shares with students how they can overcome and manage procrastination to achieve their goals. Students will learn how to better handle negative emotions that can drive them to procrastinate.

What’s included in this program?

1. Four scripts to facilitate the sessions
2. Access to videos
3. Handouts and worksheets for students
4. Follow-up activity to refresh key ideas and strategies

How does this teacher-led program work?

Teachers are given four scripts to follow and/or adapt to introduce the videos and facilitate break-out activities.

There are four sessions in total (each session runs for approximately 30 minutes). This allows teachers to complete housekeeping and solve potential issues within a school period.

What will students get out of the program?

Session 1 (Duration: 30 minutes)

  • Students learn about procrastination and explore the underlying reasons they procrastinate.
  • Students understand how motivation works and how they can hack their motivation to get started with their schoolwork.
  • Session 2 (Duration: 30 minutes)

  • Students learn a range of strategies to manage and overcome procrastination.
  • Students understand the importance of injecting fun and novelty into their study sessions to combat procrastination.
  • Session 3 (Duration: 30 minutes)

  • Students learn how to tweak their study environment to make it more focus-friendly and less ‘procrastinogenic’.
  • Students understand how social media apps are designed to hijack their time, energy, and attention.
  • Students learn how they can place limits on their social media use.
  • Students learn about the Comparison Trap and the importance of running their own race.
  • Session 4 (Duration: 30 minutes)

  • Students learn how to create a study habit to conserve willpower and mental energy.
  • Students understand the difference between homework and study.
  • Students learn simple habits to develop time awareness that will help them arrive at school and class on time.
  • Refresher Activity (Duration: 10-15 minutes)

    This activity is designed to refresh students’ memories of the key strategies. Why bother doing this? Students will only be able to use the strategies if they can remember them.

    Note: This program has been designed for secondary schools. It is suitable for students in years 9, 10, 11, and 12.