Can you Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Motivating yourself to exercise isn’t always easy. When you’ve been at school or work for over 6 – 8 hours, the last thing you probably want to do is go for a run, walk or lift some weights.

But what if a horde of zombies was chasing after you? Would that motivate you to start running?

The latest craze in exercise isn’t Zumba, it’s Zombies, run!

Adrian Hon and Naomi Alderman created and launched the iPhone exercise application, Zombies, Run!, earlier this year.

How it works is pretty straight forward – you pop your head phones in, press play and you hear instructions in between your usual running track playlist telling you to collect supplies, such as medicines and batteries, as your chased by zombies.

Every time you go for a run a story unfolds.

In addition, the application records your distance, time, pace and calories burned of each run.

The inspiration for Zombies, run! came when Naomi was taking part in an online running training group and she was asked the question, “Why do you want to run?” One participant in the group responded with “to outrun the zombie horde” and the idea was born.

Naomi states –

“We want to know that if things go bad we’d be able to rely on our bodies to get us through and keep us safe. And it’s cool to imagine yourself in an action movie – I dorkily do that all the time when I’m on the treadmill”

Zombies, run! may not be for everyone, but you have to hand it to the creators of this application, it’s a highly original idea!

Some people may think that the idea of being chased by zombies is too far-fetched and hard to imagine. But I beg to differ. Just look around you. Have you ever noticed that many people seem to be a little zombified these days? Vacant looks on their faces? There are zombies everywhere.

So if the gym or running bores the pants off you or you simply need to spice up your exercise program, then consider trying Zombies, run!