Study Hacks Masterclass

The Study Hacks Masterclass

Students can learn study skills at their own pace with this online course.

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The course covers over 50 different study strategies and mental tools through a series of fun, short and easy to understand videos.

Students are able to post questions and take quizzes to deepen and extend their learning on each topic.

What content is covered in the course?

This course covers topics in 9 key areas:

Module-1 Mindset Hacks
Module-2 Brain Hacks
Module-3 Nutrition Hacks
Module-4 Relaxation Hacks
Module-5 Organisation Hacks
Module-6 Productivity Hacks
Module-7 Study Hacks
Module-8 Assignment Hacks
Module-9 Technology Hacks

What does the course aim to do?

The Study Hacks Masterclass aims to help students become independent, effective learners. Forget the idea of being spoon-fed. Students will walk away from the course being self-regulated and intrinsically motivated learners.

What does a ‘self-regulated and intrinsically motivated learner’ look like?

Basically, they can learn on their own. They don’t need their hand held every step of the way. They know how to set goals, plan projects effectively, get unstuck, and get their work done without pulling all-nighters.

They are able to manage their emotions and behaviour effectively so they can achieve their best in all areas of life.

Why is this course needed more than ever before?

We live in a society that beckons us with relentless and enticing distractions. In this new world, students need strategies to help manage themselves (i.e. self regulate) and stay focused.

Furthermore, research shows that distraction is the enemy when it comes to learning information. The Study Hacks Masterclass aims to empower students with the skills they need to focus and study effectively in the digital age.

For a detailed outline of all the modules, click here.

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How does the course work?

If you are a school:

Once your school subscribes, you’ll receive a link to distribute to your students. The link will take students to the online program. Students will need to create a personal account to access the course.

If you are a parent or student:

You can sign up here. Once you sign up here, you’re automatically in the course and ready to start learning how to learn!

How much does the course cost?

If you are a school:

School annual subscriptions vary depending on the number of students you want to enrol in the course. It works out to be around $2-$8 per student.

  • For less than 50 students: $395/y
  • For less than 200 students: $795/y
  • For less than 500 students: $995/y
  • For more than 500 students: $1,195/y
  • If you are an individual (e.g. parent or student):

    The cost is $245.

    This gives you lifetime access to The Study Hacks Masterclass.

    The course starts as soon as you sign up and it never ends!

    It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

    How can my school subscribe?

    Schools can subscribe by filling in an order form or email Jane the following details:

    • School name and address
    • Number of students at school who will be enrolled in the online program
    • Main contact person and position

    An invoice will be sent to you. Once payment has been received you will be sent a link to email out to your students.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I preview the course?

    If you are a staff member at a school, we can give you a temporary access pass to get a sense of the course.

    How can schools effectively use this program?

    • Students can access the program privately at home.
    • Students can use the program in their free study period.
    • It can be included as part of a school’s pastoral care or well-being program.
    • It can be publicised in the school’s newsletter, at parent evening sessions and in the school diary.
    • Teachers can refer students and parents to different sections of the program.

    Do students receive a certificate upon completion of the course?

    Yes, they do! If students complete all the modules, they will receive a certificate of completion.

    Can students see their own progress?

    Yes, there is a progress bar so students can see how they are progressing through the course.

    What’s the difference between the Study Hacks Masterclass and the Study Hacks Teachers’ Toolkit?

    The Study Hacks Masterclass is an online self paced study skills course. Students can access it at home and/or in their free study period. No facilitation is required by teachers.

    The Study Hacks Teachers’ Toolkit is a set of short, interactive study skills sessions that teachers facilitate. Schools typically use this when they have teachers who are willing to facilitate the program and they have the time to do it. 

    Have any other questions?

    Please give Dr Jane Genovese a call on 0422 460 598 or send her an email.

    Jane is happy to discuss how your school can best use this program to enhance learning across the curriculum.

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