What’s this program about?

The Creating Momentum Program is designed to help students reclaim their focus and move into action to achieve their goals.

This program offers students simple methods and strategies to succeed in their studies, work, and in life. It covers a range of effective evidence-based strategies and tools to help students cultivate better study habits.

How does the teacher-led program work?

Teachers are provided with a script that tells them how to introduce videos and facilitate breakout activities and class discussions. A student workbook of handouts and activity sheets is also provided.

Why is this program needed?

Students face challenges of self regulation like never before. Social media and video games (i.e., Big Tech companies) amplify these challenges. As soon as work and/or study becomes difficult, students can easily distract themselves and escape to instant gratification.

This program is designed to help students develop the capacity to tolerate mild discomfort and persevere in the face of challenges.

When you sign up to the program, what’s included?

  • A year’s access to the online program (10 modules)
  • Access to over 50 videos
  • Student workbook
  • Scripts, PDF worksheets, and handouts to facilitate sessions
  • A class set of Ace Tests, Exams, and Big Life Projects (25 copies)
  • Email support from Dr Jane Genovese