Dr Jane Genovese is the owner, coordinator, and presenter of Learning Fundamentals, an organisation that gives students the edge over their studies.

Jane delivers interactive workshops on creative study strategies, memory techniques, procrastination, exam preparation, managing stress, resilience, and how to focus in the age of distraction.

She is based in Perth, Western Australia and often presents her workshops in regional areas (she has presented as far afield as Exmouth and Esperance).

Jane graduated from Murdoch university in 2009 with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Psychology with first class honours and received a Vice Chancellor's Award for Academic Excellence. In 2016, she submitted her doctoral thesis in the area of education and psychology.

Jane wants students to walk an easier path than she had while studying. She says:

"High school was really stressful. I worried a lot, told myself I was stupid, and couldn't do it. I also didn't know how to study effectively which made things hard. But through a bit of trial and error and a lot of research, I found strategies that made all the difference.

I want to share these strategies and ideas with others because studying doesn't have to be a painful chore. Once you learn how to learn, you can learn anything quickly and effortlessly"

Jane learned her trade early on in life by being involved in public speaking since age 10 and winning State Champion Public Speaker at age 12.

She has also taught internationally at Zhejiang Normal University in China and facilitates a Summer unit at Murdoch University on behaviour change for sustainability.

Jane has presented workshops at over 50 schools and government departments in Western Australia.

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She has appeared in The Exam Extra section of The West Australian in 2010 and 2015 (see image below, click to enlarge).

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