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2019 Information Pack

Study Hacks

There is a science to learning information well. In this session students will learn active study techniques and strategies to help them take visual notes, get organised, develop better focus, and stop the multitasking madness.

Year 11 Transitions

Discover how to make the transition from year 10 to year 11 as smooth as possible. Topics covered include: developing a positive mindset, dealing with distractions, study strategies, looking after your mind and body and staying motivated.

Procrastination Buster

"I’ll start tomorrow”. Sound familiar? Why not start today? Learn how to identity your own procrastination patterns, find out what might be behind them, and motivate yourself at any time to get your work done.

Exam Hacks

Learn shortcuts to exam success and how to effectively prepare for exams to achieve maximum results. Topics covered include study strategies, positive self talk, minimising distractions, creating a plan of attack and the importance of sleep.

Attention! The Habits of Tech Savvy Students

Social media can be a massive time drain. This session gives students practical knowledge and tools to regain control of their devices and reclaim their focus.

Memory Kick Start

Boost your brain power and grades through a range of memory techniques and study strategies (e.g mind mapping, creative visualisation,m mnemonics and chunking).

Career Booster

Embark on an exciting journey exploring what a rewarding career would look like and how to make that career path a reality. This is a great session for year 10 students before subject selection time.

How to Focus in the Age of Distraction

Are you in control of your smart phone? Or is your smart phone in control of you? Learn how to strengthen your ability to focus on what really matters and boost your productivity.

The Habits of Happiness

Students are bombarded with messages telling them that they’re not enough and they don’t have enough. But research shows true happiness can’t be purchased. This session explores simple and free ways to boost happiness levels.

The Art of Rest

When you take care of yourself you have more energy to do the things that matter most to you. In this presentation, students will learn how to take better care of themselves so they can handle whatever challenges life throws at them.

Rewire Your Brain

Learn how to practice mindfulness meditation, calm your mind, and develop better concentration in this practical 1-hour workshop. Due to the experiential nature of this workshop, smaller group sizes are highly recommended.

The Art of Exam Mastery

Taking exams is a skill that requires practice. In this session students will reflect on their recent exam experience, pinpoint areas to improve and take charge of their studies.

Study Hacks Bootcamp (Hands-on Application)

Study Hacks Bootcamp is three practical follow-up workshops to extend and deepen the Study Hacks presentation. These sessions are designed to give students the opportunity to test out different strategies in a safe and supportive environment. Duration: 1.5 hours per session. Note: These sessions are best run after school.

Combatting Procrastination

Choose a piece of work or a subject you have been avoiding. Prepare yourself to show that subject who's boss by applying a range of procrastination buster strategies.

Work like a Sprinter

Leave your phone in your bag or with Dr Genovese because you won’t be needing it for a while! In this session, we practise working in short, sharp bursts (no distractions), followed by a short break.

Study Skills Buffet

Rotate through several stations to experiment with a range of creative study strategies. Some strategies you will like, some you may not like. But you won’t know unless you give them a red hot go!

Here's what people have said about the presentations/workshops Jane delivers:

"We have had many guest speakers discussing study skills but none were as helpful as you. For once I was fully focused and interested in your presentation, everyone was. I'm really grateful for the awesome tips you gave us. Congratulations on actually making a difference in the way teenagers study today"

- Year 10 Student, Corpus Christi College

“It was great to hear how many students went home and spoke to their parents about your presentation. I’ve also received fabulous feedback from our staff – yours really is the best Study Skills presentation I have seen!”

- Head of Year, Wesley College

Jane's presentations and workshops are based on a combination of the best research and personal experience, particularly her years studying law and psychology and completing her doctorate at university.

Since every group of students is different, the presentations can be modified to best suit the needs of your students. Just let Jane know the key topics you would like covered and she can tailor-make a presentation/workshop for your group.

Jane can also administer a short online survey to identify students' pain points.

She speaks regularly on the following topics:

  • creative study methods (e.g. visual note-taking)
  • exam preparation/strategies
  • combating procrastination and how to motivate yourself at anytime
  • the myth of multitasking and the power of focus
  • stress management
  • getting organised
  • time management
  • managing technological distractions
  • goal setting/action planning

Most workshops/presentations run for 1 hour; however, they can be shortened or lengthened to suit your school periods and schedule.

Contact Jane to speak at your school today.