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Smart Study: How to Study Less and Get More (Comic Book)


From receiving just 5% on her first test at law school, Jane Genovese finally walked away with a Vice Chancellor’s award for reaching the top 2% in her university.

How did she do it?

In this comic, Jane shares her own personal experience of grappling with studies through high school and university to achieve great results.

Her simple strategies and advice will help you to dramatically improve your memory, concentration and performance.

In fact it will totally change your view of studying and your experience of it.

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In the Media – “Smart study: How to study less and get more”


“I was so inspired by your comic I couldn’t wait to teach my Year 9 Academic Excellence class to mind map. What I loved most about the comic was your anecdote about how easy and fun it was to learn in kindergarten. I was able to instruct my class to relax and have fun with colouring in. They are perfectionists and so some had to be persuaded to drop the rulers. I ended up with them drawing their icons on the board to share with the class. The boys had fun competing as to who drew the best asteroid. The greatest thing about it was telling the sceptics that a law student wrote a book on it and went from failing to topping the class. For that group of students your status lends a lot of credibility.

The information on diet and exercise was invaluable because of the research behind it, but what really drives it home is the personal story of how you went from eating junk (reminds me of me) to being your own personal experiment like a reversal of Super size me.

Your story is both generous and warm. You share your secrets to success at study in an informative and personal way. The presentation makes the information so much more appealing to both students and teachers. I can’t wait to buy a class set.”

– Selby Pritchard, High School English Teacher

“What a great little book. It is so hard to get this type of information through to kids and yet you have done it so well. As a health educator of 30 years i really don’t think i have seen anything as good as this for kids for so long. I would recommend this to every kid (and their mums and dads) in the country to make them happier, healthier and smarter. Well done.”

– Associate Professor Dr Peter Dingle. Academic, speaker and author of “My Dog Eats Better Than Your Kids”

“Your comic wasn’t just true and heart spoken, it was also really funny and I can relate to it so much. It’s just like reading a big Dolly magazine without the strange fashion which I think would really appeal to people my age. Just like you said in the book, the brain responds better to curved lines better than straight…well, that’s the same as the info you put in this comic, I mean you could have just written all the advice down in monotone writing and drawn lifeless stick figures but by turning your experiences and advice into a witty comic I can now remember every bit of time saving info and advice. Thanks!”

– Felia Veth, Year 11 Student at Shenton College

“I received my copy of Smart Study (super quickly!) and I just had to write to say how fantastic it is and everything on your website too! I first heard of Learning Fundamentals because someone posted a link to this: on Twitter or Facebook and I followed the link to your site. I teach ESL and am doing some learning support too, so your Smart Study book appealed to me. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, and at the same time it was so much more than I expected! It has helped me reflect on my own study habits and what I could do better and given me some ideas to share with my students.”

– ESL teacher, TAFE

“Smart study is an engaging comic for any teen who stresses about study. I love the real-life story as well as the practical tips to use immediately. The comic book format will make sure that you don’t put it down until your finished. It’s a must read for anyone in high school!”

– Alicia Curtis, Youth Leadership Speaker

“Jane’s book with her mum’s fantastic pix is such a beaut, clear “how to” guide on maximising your health for study performance, but really it applies to anyone who wants to achieve something involving brainpower (probably rest-of-bod-power too)!”

– Linda Grannas

“Dear Jane, Thanks for the book! My daughter’s teachers were telling me that after missing so much school and with only 4 weeks left before mock exams and TEE that she should drop politics and law… My daughter said no, so we agreed that we would reassess after the next test (5 days later). I came home and she had made this amazing mind map. I then find myself meeting with her and the teacher and he said ‘I didn’t expect to be saying this but you did well -she had passed the test and so I think you can do it!!!! …. Your book is really good… Thank you”

– Mother of student sitting final year exams

“I had you for a presentation at school last year and discovered my brothers ‘Smart Study’ book which i really think is amazing.I honestly feel I am so similar – I could be your teenage clone! The book has really helped me to start mindmaps and use colour as I’m quite an arty person.I just get so disappointed when I study for hours of text and then only just pass, I see exactly better ways now that I can try effectively. I definately will keep up with your book Jane and i find this website great! I am a facebook addict too! Get distracted very easily not realIsing my environment can be a factor. Thanks for all your work Jane”

-Year 11 student, St Mark’s Anglican College

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  1. such an intresting comic book! Is there an spanish translate for it? I would be so glad to spread it in my ex-college.

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