Procrastination Buster: Getting Things Done

Procrastination Buster: Getting Things Done (Student Workbook)


Just imagine, what would life be like if you didn’t leave doing your work until the last minute? If you started doing assignments on the day you received them?

What would it feel like to be someone who got their assignments done days before they were due to be handed in?

Research tells us that students that get on with their work and don’t procrastinate are less stressed, healthier and feel more in control of your studies than others. You could be one of these students – an action taker.

In “Procrastination Buster: Getting Things Done”, Jane Genovese shares a range of different techniques to help students not only complete projects quickly and efficiently but enjoy them too. This book will help you to be more productive, even if all standard advice hasn’t worked for you so far.

Each chapter contains practical exercises and reflection activities for students to fill in (see sample pages below).

Topics covered in this workbook include-

  • The impact of procrastination
  • The power of taking action
  • How a little planning can make a huge difference
  • The myth of multitasking
  • How to deal powerfully with distractions
  • Strategies to help you get started with your work
  • Healthy ways to boost your energy levels

  • Sample Pages (Click to enlarge)


    “I used to procrastinate a lot and struggled to get started with my work. I often wasted a lot of time on Facebook doing pointless things like watching videos of cats and looking a pictures of what my friends had for dinner. This book has given me tools to break down assignments and tackle projects bite by bite. Thanks!” -First year student, Murdoch University

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