Presentation: Procrastination Buster


In this workshop students will be introduced to the psychology of why they avoid doing the work they need to do (i.e. why they procrastinate). They will also learn a variety of simple yet effective strategies to help them to get out of their own way, get organised and get things done effectively.

Learning Objectives

By the end of “Procrastination Buster” students will:

  • have developed an understanding of why they procrastinate and the impact that procrastination has on their lives;
  • have acquired strategies to overcome psychological resistance in regards to assignments, homework and study;
  • have acquired a range of simple strategies to help them get started on their work;
  • have acquired basic goal setting strategies;
  • be able to eliminate distractions and experience enhanced concentration and productivity; and
  • be able to breakdown and complete projects with ease.
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