Presentation: Climate Change – Too Hot Not to Handle

Earth in HandsThis one hour workshop educates students on climate change. It enables students to make positive changes in their lives (to reduce their energy usage and carbon footprint), as well as enabling them to communicate with others the urgency of the need for action.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the program students will:

  • Have an increased awareness and understanding of the most important environmental issues, global warming;
  • Have a range of options available to reduce their energy use; and
  • Gain access to additional resources to further their understanding of global warming.

Participant Feedback

“The talk was amazing. Really easy for everyone to understand. It was fun and exciting and now I even feel good when I switch the lights off at home”

Student, Aaron Clarke

“Thanks so much for inviting me to the workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was surprised to realise how much of an impact the process of the presentation had on me for several days after”

Workshop Participant, Ilka Nelson

On Wednesday 21st May students studying Geography, Biology, Human Biology, Economics and Political and Legal Studies viewed an interactive presentation about Global Warming called “Too Hot Not to Handle”. It related closely to the topic we are currently studying in Mr Croxford’s Year 11 Geography class – Atmospheric Studies, particularly human impact on the Global Heat Budget. We liked that the audience was included, and the information was presented as an interesting power point in a fun way that suited the target audience. It showed us the consequences of global warming and climate change as well as ways of reducing the effect of it in our world.

Year 11 Geography Students from Northam SHS, Emma Opray, Bec Atkinson and Amanda King

Teacher Feedback

“We would like to thank Jane Genovese for her outstanding presentation. Our Year 9 students were thoroughly engaged and came away from the entertaining and informative ‘Global Warming: To Hot to Handle’ presentation better informed and motivated to act on their knowledge concerning this very important issue and how they can start to reduce their own environmental footprint.”

John Swindells (S&E HOLA)
Irene McCormack Catholic College

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