Use Mind Maps (Licence Agreement)

plastics mindmap smallYou are more than welcome to use one or more of the mind maps on this site.

We just ask that you comply with the following conditions:

  1. The content of the mind map does not change without our approval.
  2. The mind map is clearly referenced to
  3. You make a donation for the use of the mind map.

Every contribution is greatly appreciated and helps us to continue to make more mind maps on important topics.

Once we have received your donation and you have indicated the mind map(s) you would like to use, we will send you a high resolution version.

How to Make a Donation

Please click on the button below to make a donation for a mind map.

The standard donation for a high resolution mind map is $20AUD. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

Publication of Mind Maps in Books

If you would like to publish a mind map in a book, please contact us via email. Let us know the print run of your book and we can negotiate a reasonable price. I am happy to send you an invoice.

For translated versions of the global warming mind maps, click here.

Have a Question?

Feel free to contact us by email or our contact form below.

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    17 thoughts on “Use Mind Maps (Licence Agreement)

    1. Dear Mrs. Sharon Genovese / Ms.Genovese,

      It makes me immensely happy to know that someone in some corner is working so hard to get the awareness among our people on Global Warming and the ways to get that reducued. Kudos to you and your family to have been an inspiration for me to create some if not the posters but awareness among my friends. With your permission i would like to share a few posters to a yahoo group that i own, to create awareness to people of that group who are spread across the world.

      Thanks for creating this awareness in me today and i m sure i would spread this word atleast to 3 people whom i really feel can implement it and spread the word.

      Thanks and Cheers to your commitment.

    2. Thank you so much for letting me use your mindmap and unfortunately I am not able to donate at the moment as I am a low income earner, single mother at uni. When I qualify as a primary teacher, I will donate to your site. It is a very useful website.

    3. Hi,I’m gonna use some of these fabulous images in my FB fan page. i find them all to-the-point and kinda easy to the its target. Thanks for these images.

    4. I love these! They communicate so well the chaos surrounding sustainable change in a way businesses can really cut a path forward. Thanks so much for creating these gems. Deeply appreciated!

    5. Hi Jane and Sharon

      I found your site after somebody mentioned it on Twitter. I’m now bookmarking it for future reading.

      I really like the visuals and mindmaps you’ve created. I particularly like the one you did to accompany your blog post on avoiding distractions.

      I’m a teacher, but currently on LWOP. I liked your post and graphic so much I’ve written a brief post myself to pass your work on to other educators. I hope that’s okay. I’ve included all the links, and hope others find your work equally helpful and interesting as I have.

      All the best,


    6. Thanks so much for a great site, beautiful mindmaps!
      I have made a small donation, and linked your site to my blog for some 480 Education students at Macquarie University, Sydney, all studying for an exam. I hope many may bookmark you and return as teachers to use your resources.

    7. Thank you for your wonderful windmap “Health”. I was looking for an illustration of the material about the health of the school for the online publication for teachers of foreign languages. With your permission, I use this windmap with no changes, indicating a link to your site

      1. Hope it helps Kathryn.

        University can be daunting when you first start, but keep at it. It’s such a rewarding process when you throw yourself into it.


    8. I love your mind maps, I’ve just discovered them through a colleague, and I want to explore the rest of your website in detail. With your permission I have placed one of your mind maps into prezi (an online presentation tool) and wish to share it on my educational blog ( and twitter PakLiam

      Thank you so much and well done!

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