My Dog Eats Better Than Your Kids: Book Review

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‘My dog eats better than your kids’ is a pretty bold statement to make. It’s the title of Dr Peter Dingle’s latest book on nutrition and healthy living.
My mum and I were lucky enough to bump into Dr Dingle at university today, where he told us all about his book. I have to admit when he told me the title, I found myself thinking ‘yeah, right! Catchy title Dr D, […]

Getting Things Done: My 3 Day Challenge

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For years I have battled with mountains of clutter in my office and bedroom. I have been labeled ‘a mess maker’. Typical time management and organisational strategies (i.e. writing lists and prioritising) have never really worked for me (no matter how hard I have tried and believe me, I have tried hard!).
In some ways I think I was secretly proud of the fact that I was messy. After all, who would want to be clean and super organised? Wasn’t […]

Providing a new perspective on student life: girls, exams and bombings

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The last few days I have been struggling to work on my honours thesis in order to complete my final year of university. The thought of reading journal articles and writing has felt like hard work.
Then this evening, I saw an eye opening documentary on SBS called ‘The Boys from Baghdad High’ (Produced/Directed: Ivan O’Mahoney and Laura Winter). Watching this beautifully made documentary put everything into perspective.
‘Girls, exams and bombings’ […]

Being Optimistic about Pessimism

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optimismWhen was the last time someone told you to cheer up or look on the bright side? Did these words irritate you? Being told to cheer up is probably the last things you want to hear when you are feeling down. It may even make you feel worse according to some psychologists. First you feel bad about the thing that is getting you down (e.g. lost your job, pet died) and then you may feel bad […]