Who wants to have a Mega Memory?

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mega memory“You can improve your memory by 500% OR MORE!” and “Switch on your mega memory” are some of the quirky phrases written on Kevin Trudeau’s Mega Memory program package. My dad bought me this expensive package when I was 10 years old after watching Mr Trudeau on late night TV wow an audience with his ‘photographic memory’. Now, at 24 years of age, I can’t help but feel a little cynical/skeptical as I revisit the […]

Fueling your mind for great energy and results

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My mind is like my car. Some days I fill it up with the right fuel, keep it organised and drive it below the speed limit. But once in a while, I drive it around in a rush, get flashed by a multinova, can’t be bothered filling it up with petrol and mess begins to accumulate inside.
When I’m not being a responsible driver and/or looking after my car, life never seems to work as well. Similarly, when I’m not […]

The secret ingredient of achieving your goals

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I’m not a fan of Kentucky fried chicken but I admire the man behind all that greasy chicken. Colonel Sanders was a master goal setter and never lost sight of his vision.
harland sandersThey say the Colonel was 65 years old when he received his first pension cheque in the mail. He took one look at it, saw that it was for $105 and felt angry. He had to come up with a way of earning some […]

3 Simple Ways to Stress Less

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My high school chemistry teacher once said to me with a serious look on his face ‘Miss Genovese, if you’re not careful you’ll have a stress induced heart attack’. I was 16 at the time and thought relaxation was for lazy people who spent their lives meditating in caves in far away places.
As a teenager feeling stressed out was the norm for me, which was a problem. On several occasions my mind would go blank in test situations and […]