How to feel less time pressured

Do you ever feel like you’re running at full speed down a mountain?
This is what my life used to feel like.
I was always in a rush.
Always cutting it fine.
Often running late.
I was late for class.
Late for dinner at friends’ houses.
Late for meetings.
In my world, being late was the norm. It was perfectly acceptable to drag your feet and rock up an hour late to an event.
So, I had […]

Modern life is like a show bag: The need for limits and healthy digital habits

Your attention is your most precious and valuable resource.
Where I live in Perth Western Australia, there’s an event that happens once a year that demands your attention like no other: The Royal Show.
At this show, there are extreme rides, giant fluffy toys to be won, baby animals you can pat, and much, much more.
Wherever you are in the world, you probably have an event like this, too. And […]