Value Pack: Study Skills Books

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Two student resources (1 comic and 1 workbook) to maximise results and productivity.


These two books will equip students with the essential skills needed to succeed at school and in life.

Smart Study: How to Study Less and Get More (comic) covers topics such as-
Managing stress and anxiety;
How to take visual notes;
Healthy eating and exercise; and
The importance of maintaining a well balanced lifestyle.

“Jane’s book with her mum’s fantastic pix is such a beaut, clear “how to” guide on maximising your health for study performance, but really it applies to anyone who wants to achieve something involving brainpower (probably rest-of-bod-power too)!”

– Linda Grannas

Procrastination Buster: Getting Things Done (workbook) looks at-
The power of taking action;
How a little planning can make a huge difference;
The myth of multitasking;
Strategies to help you get started with your work; and
Ways to boost your energy levels after a long day at school.

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