Study Skills Bundle: Study Skills Books

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This bundle of resources contains three Study Skills books:

1 x ‘How to’ guide
1 x study skills comic
1 x workbook

These resources are designed to help students develop more effective ways to study, boost their productivity and achieve their personal best.


Contains the following three study skills books:

1. Study Hacks: Your Survival Guide for High School

Forget the idea of reading your books over and over again or highlighting entire paragraphs of information. Old-fashioned study methods are painful, boring and not very effective. There is a better way. This book will show you how.

It contains 46 different ‘How to’ sections on specific study strategies. This book is perfect for students who want to discover more effective ways to study.

Topics covered include:

How to motivate yourself at anytime
How to eat for maximum brain power
How to be a ‘completionist’ (not a perfectionist)
How to stop procrastinating
How to study smarter, not harder
How to manage technology and minimise distractions
And much, much more!

2. Smart Study: How to Study Less and Get More (comic book)

In a comic book format, ‘Smart Study’ explores topics such as:

Managing stress and anxiety
How to take visual notes
Healthy eating and exercise
The importance of maintaining a well balanced lifestyle.

3. Procrastination Buster: Getting Things Done

Do you keep putting off doing your work?
Do you ever misjudge how long a piece of work will take to complete?
Do you get distracted easily by Facebook, YouTube or your own thoughts?
If so, check out this workbook!

‘Procrastination Buster’ looks at:

The power of taking action
How a little planning can make a huge difference
The myth of multitasking
Strategies to help you get started with your work
Different ways to boost your energy levels when you’re feeling flat and/or exhausted.

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