Get Organised: Creating Workspaces that Work

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Students often tell me that they work in a state of “organised chaos”. My desk in 2008 – Before discovering the joys of being organisedWhilst their desks are piled high with papers and stuff, they insist that this doesn’t affect their productivity. I beg to differ.
Let me explain it this way. Imagine that you need major surgery. You go to your local […]

Getting Things Done: My 3 Day Challenge

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For years I have battled with mountains of clutter in my office and bedroom. I have been labeled ‘a mess maker’. Typical time management and organisational strategies (i.e. writing lists and prioritising) have never really worked for me (no matter how hard I have tried and believe me, I have tried hard!).
In some ways I think I was secretly proud of the fact that I was messy. After all, who would want to be clean and super organised? Wasn’t […]