Avoiding the Stationery Trap: Insights from a Recovering Stationery Addict and an 18th Century Philosopher

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18th century philosopher Denis Diderot pondering his stationery consumption18th century philosopher Denis Diderot pondering his stationery consumption
In recent years, the humble notepad, pencil case and pen have transformed. Stationery has experienced an extreme makeover.
I recently worked with a teenager girl who used a bright pink pen with a big diamond on top to take notes. This pen even had […]

Simple ways to boost your happiness while you study

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Want to boost your grades and productivity this year?
Then consider boosting your happiness and wellbeing.
Research shows that happy students tend to be better students. When one is feeling good about themselves and their life then they are more likely to experience greater creativity and mental clarity as well as better relationships.
When you’re in a better mood, it’s also a lot easier for you to focus on what you need to do. By not being distracted, you’re productivity levels […]