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Dealing with information overload: The art of letting go

Are you overwhelmed by too much information? Are you surrounded by piles of paper? A professional organiser once said to me that 80% of what you file away you will never look at again. So why hold on to it? When it comes to papers entering your space, you have to be ruthless. If you […]

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Boost your brainpower with a dose of nature

Picture this. A clear blue sky. Fresh clean air. Old ancient trees. Beautiful birdsong. Nice, eh? Now imagine this. Noise from traffic. Pollution. Dirty plastic waste. A sea of concrete. Let me ask you this – which scenery do you prefer? Judging from the huge digital image of a blue sky and mountains in the […]

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The Micromovement Method: A fun way for busy people to get things done

I recently came across a great technique to help busy people get things done. In the book “Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper” bestselling author Sark presents the idea of working in “micro movements”. Whilst her book is aimed at people who want to write a book, you can use this technique to help you complete any […]

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Improve Your Focus: Outsourcing Self Control

A few months ago I came across this picture that several friends had shared on Facebook (courtesy of Ruby Rose). Many people identified with this image making comments along the lines of – “So sad but TRUE!” Sites like Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr are incredibly addictive. Deep down we all know we should be working […]

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Don’t strain your cerebral cortex: The importance of brain warm ups

My dad is 65 years old and he’s been running marathons for the last 4 years. Before a race he prepares himself mentally and physically by doing the following – Getting a good night sleep (8 hours) Having a healthy low GI breakfast Stretching his muscles with a 500 metre jog As a marathon runner […]

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How to have an Awesome Day – The 10 Essential Elements

We’ve all heard the cliched phrases “You have good days and you have bad days” and “Some days are better than others”. What is it about those “good days” that makes them better than others? Are there any common elements that result in having a really good day at work, school or university? Whether you […]

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Developing Razor Sharp Focus with Zen Habits Blogger, Leo Babauta

If you’ve just logged into Facebook or your email for the 10th time today or find yourself thinking in Facebook statuses throughout the day, it may be time to read Leo Babauta’s eBook “Focus: A simplicity manifesto in the age of distraction”. This free eBook contains dozens of practical suggestions to help you enjoy life […]

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