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Should you listen to music when you study?

A teenager once came up to me and asked rather desperately – “Can you please convince my mum that it’s OK for me to listen to music when I study? Please?!” Whilst I felt for this 17 year old who clearly loved music and had been banned from listening to his iPod whilst he studied, […]

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Your teacher says “It’s time to get serious”. But what does that mean?

At the beginning of the school year teachers attempt to get their students in the right frame of mind and motivate them for the year ahead. “It’s time to get serious” I’ve heard many teachers say in their pep talks to students. But as one student said to me earlier this week – “What do […]

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The myth and madness of multitasking

An old Psychology Professor told me recently how he had to write his PhD thesis by hand and paid a lady with a typewriter to type it up for him. Paying typists and drawing graphs by hand was the done thing in academia only a few decades ago. How times have changed! One could argue […]

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