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Are you a sloth? It’s time to get up and move!

I’ve got nothing against sloths. I think they are amazing creatures but let’s face it, sloths are well known for their sedentary ways. They sleep for up to 20 hours a day and even when they are awake they don’t move much. Interestingly, new research suggests that we are adopting the sedentary ways of our […]

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Overcoming Writer’s Block: How to Outsmart Your Inner Critic

Have you ever left writing an essay until the last minute because you didn’t know what to write? Or perhaps because you were overly harsh and critical of your writing? An empty word document can bring up all kinds of uncomfortable mental and physical states such as anxiety, self doubt and overwhelm. “Is it going […]

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Improve Your Focus: Outsourcing Self Control

A few months ago I came across this picture that several friends had shared on Facebook (courtesy of Ruby Rose). Many people identified with this image making comments along the lines of – “So sad but TRUE!” Sites like Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr are incredibly addictive. Deep down we all know we should be working […]

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Get Organised: Creating Workspaces that Work

Students often tell me that they work in a state of “organised chaos”. Whilst their desks are piled high with papers and stuff, they insist that this doesn’t affect their productivity. I beg to differ. Let me explain it this way. Imagine that you need major surgery. You go to your local hospital, get wheeled […]

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Should you listen to music when you study?

A teenager once came up to me and asked rather desperately – “Can you please convince my mum that it’s OK for me to listen to music when I study? Please?!” Whilst I felt for this 17 year old who clearly loved music and had been banned from listening to his iPod whilst he studied, […]

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Stress less: Strategies to optimise your brain power for exams

Have you ever had the experience where your mind went completely blank in an exam or test situation? If the answer is yes, chances are you probably panicked. Let’s face it, stress can make us stupid. I’m living proof of this. For my first test for law school I got 1 out of 20 (and […]

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