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How to boost your creativity and mental sharpness with a $2 investment

If you want to be someone who is super sharp and bursting with creative ideas and energy, then here’s my advice: Carry a notepad and pen with you everywhere you go. As digital media artist Aaron Koblin states – “They say an elephant never forgets. Well, you are not an elephant. Take notes, constantly. Save […]

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So you think you’re stupid?

If you were a student who found studying Science, Maths or English a painful experience or you never could quite “get” these subjects, don’t feel bad or think you’re stupid. According to creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson – it’s not your fault. The school system failed you. In his book, “The Element”, Robinson argues that […]

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How Yellow Paper and Zumba can Boost your Creativity

Want to be more creative? Then writing on warm coloured paper, hitting the gym and a view of nature may be your answer. These are just a few of the suggestions made by Dr Amantha Imber in her book “The Creativity Formula”. With a solid understanding of the latest empirical research, Dr Imber provides a […]

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