Overcoming Writer’s Block: How to Outsmart Your Inner Critic

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Have you ever left writing an essay until the last minute because you didn’t know what to write? Or perhaps because you were overly harsh and critical of your writing?
An empty word document can bring up all kinds of uncomfortable mental and physical states such as anxiety, self doubt and overwhelm.
“Is it going to be any good?”, “Can I do it?” […]

How Yellow Paper and Zumba can Boost your Creativity

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Want to be more creative? Then writing on warm coloured paper, hitting the gym and a view of nature may be your answer. These are just a few of the suggestions made by Dr Amantha Imber in her book “The Creativity Formula”.
With a solid understanding of the latest empirical research, Dr Imber provides a range of practical and simple solutions to […]

5 strategies to help you write an assignment, thesis or book

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The thought of starting any new writing task (whether it be a blog post, an assignment or a book) can be a daunting one.
With only ideas in your head and nothing on paper or typed up on your computer, the sight of a blank sheet of paper or empty word document can be paralysing for many of us.
“Where do I start?” […]