How to be a ‘Completionist’ (Not a Perfectionist)

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Have you ever said to yourself, “I won’t start writing that essay until I can get it absolutely perfect?” or “I won’t start that project until my desk and room are spotless”.
Welcome to the world (and trap) of perfectionism.
I come from a family of perfectionists. So I have first-hand real world experience of the debilitating […]

Avoiding the Stationery Trap: Insights from a Recovering Stationery Addict and an 18th Century Philosopher

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18th century philosopher Denis Diderot pondering his stationery consumption18th century philosopher Denis Diderot pondering his stationery consumption
In recent years, the humble notepad, pencil case and pen have transformed. Stationery has experienced an extreme makeover.
I recently worked with a teenager girl who used a bright pink pen with a big diamond on top to take notes. This pen even […]