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The Facebook Effect: How to Stay Focused for Exams

It’s crunch time. Exams are quickly approaching (less than 2 weeks away) for many students. If you’re like most students you may have noticed that the amount of time you’ve been spending on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter has significantly increased over the past few weeks or days. If this is the case, don’t feel bad. […]

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Stress less with massage therapy

Psychologist and self-help gurus have been telling us for years the power of positive thinking. We are told that if we change our negative thoughts to positive ones, we can change the way we feel. Fair enough I say. After all, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that if you tell yourself […]

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Are energy drinks a good source of energy?

In light of recent research findings, the marketing catch phrase “Redbull gives you wings” should be changed to “Redbull can cause you to have a serious heart condition”. The University of Adelaide, Royal Adelaide Hospital and Cardiovascular Research Centre recently published research findings that showed “common energy drinks do trigger significant changes, including a rise […]

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Boost your Brainpower with Exercise

Ask yourself this question “What are the times when you have your best ideas and work most effectively?” For me the answer is when I exercise. Whether it be one hour of lifting weights at the gym or a couple of hours on the dance floor, I’m surprised how many great ideas come to me […]

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What schools can do about climate change

Often the thought of taking action to combat climate change can be overwhelming. People frequently tell me that it’s all too hard, they feel helpless and they don’t know where to start. If experts such as Professor Ross Garnaut and the world’s leading scientists are however correct about climate change, then the next 2 to […]

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