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Take back your power Amish style

Do you feel in control of technology? Or is technology in control of you? If you’ve ever had the experience where 5 minutes online turned into several hours, it’s probably a sign that you’re not in control. And why should we bother to be more disciplined about our screen time? Well for starters, e-obesity is […]

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How to overcome mental blockages

What do you do when you get stuck in a rut? When you are not sure how to progress forward with a project it’s easy to procrastinate or even worse give up in frustration. The automatic habit for many of us is to go on Facebook and get screen sucked: aimlessly surfing the Internet to […]

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Screen sucking depletes your energy levels

On average humans in the first world spend 3 hours a day in front of the television. To put this in perspective, if you watched this amount of TV daily and lived to the ripe old age of 75 you would have spent 9 years of your life in front of a television. Take a […]

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Adiós Laptop: The Power of Pencil and Paper

Call me old school but sometimes I like to get away from my computer screen and work with a pencil or a pen and some paper. In fact, I think humans create some of their best ideas when they work in this way as opposed to working within the rigid confines of a word document […]

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Is Facebook damaging your brain and health?

It should come as no surprise that ‘Facebook’ is the number 1 search term on the Internet. Now don’t get me wrong, I quite like Facebook. I use Facebook like 1 billion other people on the planet. I’d probably go on Facebook everyday but I have limits (e.g. I’m not one to share what I […]

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Are you being Screen Sucked?

Do you find it hard to get away from the computer? Have you ever found yourself in a trance like state wasting hours browsing meaningless websites? If so, you experienced being “screen sucked”. The term “screensucking” was created by medical doctor and author of the book “CrazyBusy”, Edward Hallowell. He defines screensucking as – “Wasting […]

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