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Exploring Learning Styles: Fact or Fiction?

I recently took an online test to figure out what my learning style was. According to learning style theory, we all have a preferred bodily sense through which we learn information best. Some of us are visual learners, others auditory learners, and the rest of us kinaesthetic learners. Based on the learning style concept, if […]

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How to study effectively over the holidays without burning out

Holidays are the perfect time to recharge and refocus for the New Year. Some students and parents also see holidays as the perfect opportunity to get a head start on the school curriculum and revise for upcoming exams. But is it a good idea to study over the holidays? And if so, how can it […]

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7 things I wish I had known when I was in high school

In American teen films, you’ll often find a philosophical college counsellor or a wise old teacher who dishes out pearls of wisdom. At my high school, it was the elderly Chaplain who tried (perhaps a little too hard) to fill this role. One day, after I had received some disciplinary action for arriving late to […]

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The most bizarre exam hacks you’ll ever come across

There are certain things we know we need to do when it comes to preparing for exams: create summary notes, work with the syllabus, attend revision classes, manage exam nerves, get plenty of sleep, etc. These are the obvious, big-ticket exam preparation items. But there are less obvious (and slightly bizarre) things we can also […]

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Why going cold turkey on your highlighter pens may be the best thing you ever did

You understand the dangers of smoking, texting as you drive and walking down dark allies on your own at night. You know it’s foolish and potentially dangerous to engage in these behaviours. But perhaps you’re less aware of the dangers of highlighting (and underlining). For most students, highlighting and underlining information feels so natural and […]

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Writing essays made easy: How to slay your inner perfectionist and make an absolute mess

I used to agonize over writing essays. Writing every sentence was like sticking a pencil in my eyeball. It was a painful process. But over time something has shifted. I now really enjoy writing. How could this be? From pencil in the eye pain to enjoyment? Well, I gave myself permission to write rubbish. I […]

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Simple ways to boost your happiness while you study

Want to boost your grades and productivity this year? Then consider boosting your happiness and wellbeing. Research shows that happy students tend to be better students. When one is feeling good about themselves and their life then they are more likely to experience greater creativity and mental clarity as well as better relationships. When you’re […]

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5 Simple Strategies to Spice Up your Study Sessions

They say variety is the spice of life. If you listen to the same song on repeat, you’d get bored pretty quickly. Similarly, serve up the same leftovers night after night and pretty soon you’ll be craving to try something that’s different. The same thing applies with your study. The secret to staying motivated and […]

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