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Get Organised: Creating Workspaces that Work

Students often tell me that they work in a state of “organised chaos”. Whilst their desks are piled high with papers and stuff, they insist that this doesn’t affect their productivity. I beg to differ. Let me explain it this way. Imagine that you need major surgery. You go to your local hospital, get wheeled […]

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Your teacher says “It’s time to get serious”. But what does that mean?

At the beginning of the school year teachers attempt to get their students in the right frame of mind and motivate them for the year ahead. “It’s time to get serious” I’ve heard many teachers say in their pep talks to students. But as one student said to me earlier this week – “What do […]

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Tips for using your diary

You may be a really switched on student with an incredible memory, but no matter how clever and good your memory is you will still need to use a diary/organiser. Why do you need to use a diary? Let’s consider the limitations on our short memory for a moment. Psychological research tells us that we […]

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Getting Things Done: My 3 Day Challenge

For years I have battled with mountains of clutter in my office and bedroom. I have been labeled ‘a mess maker’. Typical time management and organisational strategies (i.e. writing lists and prioritising) have never really worked for me (no matter how hard I have tried and believe me, I have tried hard!). In some ways […]

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