“I’ll start trying in year 12 when it really matters” and other delusional thoughts: Debunking 3 ideas that stop you from achieving your personal best

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I’ve just finished reading a book called ‘You are not so smart: Why your memory is mostly fiction, why you have too many friends on Facebook and 46 other ways you’re deluding yourself’.
It’s got me thinking about thinking. In particular, it’s got me thinking about cognitive distortions.
What’s a cognitive distortion?
A cognitive distortion is an inaccurate thought that affects […]

15 Strategies to Stop Procrastinating and Get Stuff Done

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When you stop procrastinating you don’t just say goodbye to pulling all-nighters. You also say goodbye to a truckload of guilt, stress, and anxiety.
Below are 15 strategies you can use to help you stop procrastinating, decrease your stress levels, and get stuff done.
1. Start before you start
When you get home from school, set everything up […]

The Everest Philosophy: A strategy to help you finish projects and assignments when you’re sick and tired of them

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The situation is this: you need to finish an assignment but you just can’t find the energy to get started. Quite frankly, you’re sick of this thing. So what do you do? You procrastinate.
Have you ever had this sort of experienced before?
If this has happened to you, you’ve probably got something called cook’s mouth.
What’s cook’s mouth?
Writing coach […]