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7 things I wish I had known when I was in high school

In American teen films, you’ll often find a philosophical college counsellor or a wise old teacher who dishes out pearls of wisdom. At my high school, it was the elderly Chaplain who tried (perhaps a little too hard) to fill this role. One day, after I had received some disciplinary action for arriving late to […]

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How to be a ‘Completionist’ (Not a Perfectionist)

Have you ever said to yourself, “I won’t start writing that essay until I can get it absolutely perfect?” or “I won’t start that project until my desk and room are spotless”. Welcome to the world (and trap) of perfectionism. I come from a family of perfectionists. So I have first-hand real world experience of […]

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‘Fitspiration’ is for amateurs: Practical strategies and tools to help you get moving

When we think of people who exercise every day, we typically think of people who are super motivated and inspired and full of positive thinking. Maybe these people are sipping on a green smoothie or striking a yoga pose on the beach with their hands in prayer position. Look, I like green smoothies. I really […]

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Making friends with exercise: How to become someone who exercises every day without becoming a ‘gym junkie’

Over the last few years, exercise has become a non-negotiable part of my day. Friends and family now call me a ‘gym junkie’ but believe me, I’m not. Typically when you think of ‘gym junkies’, you think of people who have huge bulging muscles and are striving to achieve a perfectly chiseled physique. I am […]

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Avoiding the Comparison Trap: How to Navigate through Facebook to Avoid Experiencing Mild Depression

Have you ever noticed that you sometimes feel a little flat after spending time on Facebook? A study by Kross et al. (2013) found that young people experience lower levels of subjective well-being after spending time on the social media site. Why would this be? Some scholars argue that it’s because we compare. According to […]

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Avoiding the Stationery Trap: Insights from a Recovering Stationery Addict and an 18th Century Philosopher

In recent years, the humble notepad, pencil case and pen have transformed. Stationery has experienced an extreme makeover. I recently worked with a teenager girl who used a bright pink pen with a big diamond on top to take notes. This pen even had its very own feather bower. Another student had a pencil case […]

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Arnie says “You can do it!”: How to failproof your goals

As a young bodybuilder with a thick Austrian accent Arnold Schwarzenegger declared to a sports journalist that he was going to be Hollywood’s biggest star. When he’d accomplished that, his next goal was to enter politics. In 2003, he became the Governor of California and proceeded to implement measures to radically reduce California’s greenhouse gas […]

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How to motivate yourself at anytime

Have you been putting something off? You know how it goes. One part of your brain says – “Stop procrastinating. Just get on with it. Finish it!” But then another part screams- “But I don’t want to!” It may not be anything major, but the task keeps niggling at the back of your mind. It […]

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