How to get a power boost in 2 minutes

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Image from Amazon ArchivesWhat does wonder woman, chimpanzees and Usain Bolt all in have in common?
They strike power poses.
Chances are you may know someone who strikes such poses (legs and arms spread out, hands on hips or behind one’s head, chest puffed up, etc). These people typically exude power and dominance.
But the good news is you don’t need to have super powers or high status to experience power and confidence.
In fact, […]

Are you a sloth? It’s time to get up and move!

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I’ve got nothing against sloths. I think they are amazing creatures but let’s face it, sloths are well known for their sedentary ways. They sleep for up to 20 hours a day and even when they are awake they don’t move much.
Interestingly, new research suggests that we are adopting the sedentary ways of our gentle sloth friends.
Thanks to technology and […]

Get Organised: Creating Workspaces that Work

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Students often tell me that they work in a state of “organised chaos”. My desk in 2008 – Before discovering the joys of being organisedWhilst their desks are piled high with papers and stuff, they insist that this doesn’t affect their productivity. I beg to differ.
Let me explain it this way. Imagine that you need major surgery. You go to your local […]