How Focusing on Results Limits Success

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“Early education makes us mindless” states social psychologist Ellen Langer.
In her book “Mindfulness” Langer argues that from a young age we are taught to focus on goals rather than the process by which they are achieved.
With such an intense focus on achieving goals and high results you may have become locked in a certain way of thinking. “Mindless” is how Langer describes this state.
Instead of asking “How do I do this?” or “How can I do this?” you […]

Playing the Game of Life as if Winning or Losing Doesn’t Matter

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Have you ever had a life changing experience? Perhaps something that initially disappointed or upset you but it then propelled you into action to improve things?
At the age of 11 I had one of those experiences. I entered my first ever public speaking competition.
I remember arriving at the competition feeling incredibly nervous. And it wasn’t just because I had to […]

The Art of Breaking Bad Habits

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You know you should stop chewing your nails, that you don’t get much done when you log onto Facebook and that eating fish and chips from the greasy deli is a really bad idea….but you still do these things anyway.
People usually persist with bad habits because they get some personal satisfaction or reward from engaging in the behaviour.
Let’s face it, bad habits […]