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Think Big in 2012: The Power of New Year’s Resolutions

Today, at the start of 2012, many of us will take on adopting healthier habits, but in the next breath, or by tomorrow, or the next week, we will have given up and gone back to our old ways. A conversation I had with a friend last year nicely illustrates this point. We were discussing […]

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How Focusing on Results Limits Success

“Early education makes us mindless” states social psychologist Ellen Langer. In her book “Mindfulness” Langer argues that from a young age we are taught to focus on goals rather than the process by which they are achieved. With such an intense focus on achieving goals and high results you may have become locked in a […]

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Playing the Game of Life as if Winning or Losing Doesn’t Matter

Have you ever had a life changing experience? Perhaps something that initially disappointed or upset you but it then propelled you into action to improve things? At the age of 11 I had one of those experiences. I entered my first ever public speaking competition. I remember arriving at the competition feeling incredibly nervous. And […]

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The Art of Breaking Bad Habits

You know you should stop chewing your nails, that you don’t get much done when you log onto Facebook and that eating fish and chips from the greasy deli is a really bad idea….but you still do these things anyway. People usually persist with bad habits because they get some personal satisfaction or reward from […]

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Creating Lasting Habits with the IMPI Strategy

According to psychological research only 53% of peoples’ goals are actually translated into action. A measly 53%. Why is this the case? Professor of Psychology at New York University, Dr Peter Gollwitzer, believes that there are a number of things that derail us from achieving our goals. We may find ourselves being distracted by Facebook […]

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6 ways to create smarter goals

If you type ‘SMART goals’ into a google search you’ll come up with nearly 17,000,000 hits. ‘SMART’ represents a set criteria to help you evaluate your goals. Goal setters are asked to consider ‘Is your goal specific? Measurable? Attainable? Realistic? and timely (has a deadline)? S = Specific M = Measurable A = Attainable R […]

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43 things to help you achieve your goals

Do you need a bit of inspiration and help with setting your goals for the year? Not sure where to start or how to word your goals? I recently stumbled across a great goal setting website called 43 things. It allows you to list your goals, share your progress and encourage others to do the […]

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The secret ingredient of achieving your goals

I’m not a fan of Kentucky fried chicken but I admire the man behind all that greasy chicken. Colonel Sanders was a master goal setter and never lost sight of his vision. They say the Colonel was 65 years old when he received his first pension cheque in the mail. He took one look at […]

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