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How to have more energy, feel happier and healthier

How do you feel after eating deep fried fish and chips or a few pieces of KFC? Fantastic? Refreshed? On top of the world? I don’t think so. Most of us are all too familiar with the ‘post fish and chip’ or ‘KFC’ effect. Speaking from my own experience, I used to feel so good […]

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My Dog Eats Better Than Your Kids: Book Review

‘My dog eats better than your kids’ is a pretty bold statement to make. It’s the title of Dr Peter Dingle’s latest book on nutrition and healthy living. My mum and I were lucky enough to bump into Dr Dingle at university today, where he told us all about his book. I have to admit […]

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Who wants to have a Mega Memory?

“You can improve your memory by 500% OR MORE!” and “Switch on your mega memory” are some of the quirky phrases written on Kevin Trudeau’s Mega Memory program package. My dad bought me this expensive package when I was 10 years old after watching Mr Trudeau on late night TV wow an audience with his […]

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Fueling your mind for great energy and results

My mind is like my car. Some days I fill it up with the right fuel, keep it organised and drive it below the speed limit. But once in a while, I drive it around in a rush, get flashed by a multinova, can’t be bothered filling it up with petrol and mess begins to […]

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