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Brain Boosting Breakfasts

They say the way you start the morning often sets the stage for the rest of the day. Here’s how I used to start my day: with a bowl of nutri-grain cereal. In my naivety, I believed the marketing messages that this was the food of iron men and women. I believed it would help […]

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Simple ways to boost your happiness while you study

Want to boost your grades and productivity this year? Then consider boosting your happiness and wellbeing. Research shows that happy students tend to be better students. When one is feeling good about themselves and their life then they are more likely to experience greater creativity and mental clarity as well as better relationships. When you’re […]

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Go Plastic Free: Find your Strength

Last year, scientists did an autopsy on a dead sperm whale that was washed ashore on the Spanish coast south of Granada. What the scientists found inside the stomach of this whale shocked them – 18 kilograms of plastic made up of toothpaste containers, pots, rope, bags, and bottles. It’s a no brainer that this […]

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Simple snacks for razor sharp thinking

Have you seen the snickers commercial with grumpy Joe Pesci? He’s handed a snickers bar, eats it and suddenly everything is better. It’s a clever ad because we can all relate to feeling grumpy when we’re hungry. But the snickers ad is misleading and doesn’t actually tell the full story. A snickers bar or any […]

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5 ways to eliminate junk food and boost your vegetable intake

In high school, I was the queen of junk food consumption. According to my worldview, burgers and hot chips formed the foundations of the food pyramid, followed by pasta and pizza (I’m Italian) and at the very top were fruit and vegetables! I have no idea how I managed to get through the school day […]

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What to eat before an exam

No doubt about it, you have to eat something before an exam. Research tells us that young people who don’t eat breakfast demonstrate a 20% – 40% reduction in thinking skills (e.g. concentration, alertness and memory). But don’t go thinking that eating something is going to be better than nothing. Sure, a bacon and egg […]

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Experience a Brain Boost: Omega 3

Some of us love it. Some of us hate it – Fish. But no matter what you think of the stuff, one thing is certain – it is great from our brains. Yes, fish contains that magical ingredient – Omega 3. We’ve all heard of this fatty acid Omega 3 before, it’s now even being […]

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Breakfast Breakthroughs : Simple and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Would you like to start the day feeling full of energy and on a natural high that is sustained throughout the morning? Then it’s time for a healthy breakfast breakthrough! All too often I hear people say that they don’t eat breakfast or if they do, their breakfast has little (if any) nutritional content. Let […]

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