The most bizarre exam hacks you’ll ever come across

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There are certain things we know we need to do when it comes to preparing for exams: create summary notes, work with the syllabus, attend revision classes, manage exam nerves, get plenty of sleep, etc.
These are the obvious, big-ticket exam preparation items.
But there are less obvious (and slightly bizarre) things we can also do to help us excel […]

Why going cold turkey on your highlighter pens may be the best thing you ever did

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Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 3.56.54 pm
You understand the dangers of smoking, texting as you drive and walking down dark allies on your own at night. You know it’s foolish and potentially dangerous to engage in these behaviours. But perhaps you’re less aware of the dangers of highlighting (and underlining).
For most students, highlighting and underlining information feels so natural and normal […]

Study Hacks for Exam Success

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You’ve probably realised by now that doing well in exams is not just about memorising lots of information.
Don’t get me wrong, the ability to learn and memorise information effectively makes a big difference. But there are lots of other strategies and practices students can adopt to boost their performance.
Whether you’ve just finished exams or exams are looming, below are some […]