Study Hacks for Exam Success

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You’ve probably realised by now that doing well in exams is not just about memorising lots of information.
Don’t get me wrong, the ability to learn and memorise information effectively makes a big difference. But there are lots of other strategies and practices students can adopt to boost their performance.
Whether you’ve just finished exams or exams are looming, below […]

How to get a power boost in 2 minutes

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Image from Amazon ArchivesWhat does wonder woman, chimpanzees and Usain Bolt all in have in common?
They strike power poses.
Chances are you may know someone who strikes such poses (legs and arms spread out, hands on hips or behind one’s head, chest puffed up, etc). These people typically exude power and dominance.
But the good news is you don’t need to have super powers or high status to experience power and confidence.
In fact, […]