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12 ways to ace your exams

The Education Editor from the West Australian newspaper contacted me recently asking for some exam tips and strategies for students. She ended up writing a story on the struggles I’ve had with my studies over the years and the work I now do in schools (click on article image to enlarge or click here to […]

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What to eat before an exam

No doubt about it, you have to eat something before an exam. Research tells us that young people who don’t eat breakfast demonstrate a 20% – 40% reduction in thinking skills (e.g. concentration, alertness and memory). But don’t go thinking that eating something is going to be better than nothing. Sure, a bacon and egg […]

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How to Mind Map for Legal Tests and Exams

A few months ago I finished my double degree in Law and Psychology (with First Class Honours). Don’t think for a second that it was easy for me to do – it took me 8 years and every assignment/exam was difficult. Every step of the way was a challenge. When I received my graduation certificate […]

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3 simple ways to decrease your exam nerves

I just got home from presenting to the year 12 TEE students at Kalamunda SHS (great bunch of students). For a group of students whose exams start next Tuesday and who have had tests and assignments due in all week, they seemed to be doing really well! I was impressed! Whilst the focus of my […]

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Top 10 tips for taking exams

You can work so hard to study large quantities of information for an exam, but if you don’t prepare yourself mentally and physically before that exam, all that hard work can sadly go to waste. When it comes time to take your major exams, you really have to relate to yourself as a top class […]

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Providing a new perspective on student life: girls, exams and bombings

The last few days I have been struggling to work on my honours thesis in order to complete my final year of university. The thought of reading journal articles and writing has felt like hard work. Then this evening, I saw an eye opening documentary on SBS called ‘The Boys from Baghdad High’ (Produced/Directed: Ivan […]

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